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The clear aligners that we use to treat our patients at Hermanson Orthodontics are fabricated by Invisalign®. Currently there are a number of different aligner systems on the market being used to move teeth, some more safely and effectively than others. Unfortunately, some of these systems are designed to deliver treatment directly to the patient without the necessary direct supervision of a trained orthodontist. Our patients can feel confident knowing that their clear aligner treatment is being designed and overseen by a certified orthodontist. Invisalign’s clear aligner system is the industry leader. It is doctor directed and utilizes superior technology and materials to enable faster and more predictable results, and it allows for the treatment of more complex cases.

How Aligners Work

A series of custom-fit clear plastic aligners are used to apply gentle pressure to guide the crooked teeth into straighter and more ideal positions. Because the pressure applied to the teeth must be consistent to be effective, the aligners must be worn at least 20-22 hours per day. Each aligner is worn for one to two weeks until the desired movement has been achieved.

Benefits of Aligners

Aligners are clear and virtually invisible, so treatment can proceed discreetly. They are comfortable to wear and can be easily removed to allow for eating and drinking and for efficient brushing and flossing.

iTero® Digital Scanner

The iTero Element® digital scanner creates a digital model of the teeth and records the way the teeth fit together. It eliminates the need for conventional dental impressions and is comfortable, fast, and accurate. The scan that is created is sent directly to Invisalign for digital processing. The processed data is then adjusted by Dr. Hermanson to develop the custom treatment plan that is used by Invisalign to fabricate the aligners.

Is Aligner Treatment Right for You?

While some orthodontic problems are still best treated with braces, thanks to advancements in Invisalign technology and materials, many patients are now excellent candidates for clear aligner treatment. To find out whether aligner treatment is right for you, call us at (641) 752-6458 or (800) 542-5024 to schedule an appointment for an evaluation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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