Hermanson Orthodontics


4.2.20 6:00 P.M.

Hermanson Orthodontics will remain closed through April 30th.

Governor Reynolds has again extended her State Public Health Emergency Declaration. This latest proclamation prohibits all dentists and staff in the State of Iowa from performing any elective dental procedures at this time to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to preserve the personal protective equipment that is needed to protect healthcare workers from infected patients. This mandate will remain in effect until April 30th at 11:59 pm. Until then, we will be tending to true orthodontic emergencies only. This situation is challenging all of us, and we hate that it is causing delays in our patients’ treatments. We understand, though, that Governor Reynolds has taken this action to protect our patients, our team, and our communities. We urge everyone to wash hands frequently, to practice social distancing, and to hunker down at home so life can return to normal, and we can start working on your smiles again as soon as possible!

We provide a full range of orthodontic services in both of our office locations. Treatments range from minor corrections using removable or limited fixed appliances to comprehensive treatments using a complete set of braces. Some corrections can be achieved with a system of clear plastic aligners (ie. ClearCorrect) while other more complex conditions may require jaw surgery in conjunction with comprehensive orthodontic treatment. Click on one of the boxes below to learn more about the types of treatments we offer and the appliances that we use.

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