Hermanson Orthodontics

Adolescent Treatment

Most orthodontic problems are best treated during the early teen years. Many of our young patients look forward to getting their braces during this time when their peers are also wearing them. When treatment is started during the early adolescent years, many patients are finished with active treatment and are enjoying the benefits of a healthy smile before starting high school. Braces have even become a fashion statement as our patients are able to choose the “colors” of their appliances at each visit.

Best results can often be achieved during early adolescence because the patient is growing during these years. The treatment plan can be designed to take advantage of growth to optimize your smile and bite. Also, the last four baby teeth to be lost are generally larger than the permanent teeth that replace them. When treatment is properly timed, this extra space allows us to treat many crowded dentitions without having to remove permanent teeth.

Keep in mind that everyone develops at different rates. While some patients are ready for comprehensive orthodontic treatment at age 9, others may not be ready for treatment until age 14. We can determine the best time to initiate treatment for you.

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